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Snow Event: Friday 01/19/2024 – Saturday 01/20/2024

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected to continue from Thursday through the early hours of Sunday morning, with the majority of snow falling on Friday.

Forecast Impact

Forecasts are calling for 4-8 inches of snow over the weekend. With these cold temperatures, it's likely that most of the snow will end up sticking, unlike what we've experienced so far this year.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

Dispatch Time: 11:00 am
It's unclear when we will hit 2" of freshly fallen snow, but we are consistently measuring and ready to dispatch. The snow isn't supposed to fall steadily until early Friday morning, but there's a chance we will hit 2" before then. With the amount of snow expected to fall, our drivers are prepared to plow their routes twice in a row if necessary. Stay tuned below for updates!

Live updates will appear below.

8:30 am
We are nearing the 2" trigger and it's supposed to continue snowing. All drivers will begin their routes by 11:00 am.
12:15 pm
Our drivers are reporting uncleared roads and treacherous driving conditions. Please be safe and thank you for your patience!
5:00 pm
All routes are complete. Some driveways have reached the 2" trigger again already, but it is supposed to continue snowing heavily for a few hours. Since we only plow twice within 24 hours, we are going to wait for more snow to fall before drivers begin their routes for a second round. We anticipate starting again around 9:00 pm, but will post an update at 9:00 pm either way. Thank you for your patience!
9:00 pm
All drivers will begin their routes for a second time by 9:30 pm.
4:00 am
Drivers have completed a second round of their routes.