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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Regular weekly maintenance includes mowing the lawn, edging around driveway & sidewalks, string trimming around trees & beds, and blowing off paved areas as needed.
(Not included: Trimming shrubs, edging & weeding beds, or leaf removal.)

Weekly Maintenance Period: Mid-April – October 30th
Fall Clean-ups begin week of November 1st

From a single cut to regular weekly, bi-weekly, or even once a month maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 

Bed Weed Control


Bed weed control consists of applying a pre-emergent in early spring and then spot treating the beds monthly. **Contains Chemicals**

If you prefer to avoid chemicals, we can provide an estimate for regularly hand weeding.

Does not include groundcover or hand-weeding.



We offer a strategic 6-Application Program to provide the best foundation for a healthy and thriving lawn.

Our program consists of granular as well as chemical sprays to optimize the health of your lawn. Granular fertilizer is applied to stimulate and maintain growth. Broadleaf sprays control the common weeds we have in the area. Our insecticide will help manage (white grubs, sod webworm and bill bug).  Read More

You can also chose organic granular fertilizer to stimulate and maintain growth. However, your lawn will NOT be treated for weeds or insects. 

Shrub Trimming / Pruning


Regular plant trimming not only keeps your yard looking good, it also promotes healthy growth and keeps overhang under control. Will be completed after growth slows.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Spring Clean-up

A yard clean up in the Spring not only gives new life to your yard after winter, it is also the first step to creating a healthy thriving summer lawn. The most important task is removing debris, leaves, and sticks from your lawn.

Includes as needed: Leaves, sticks, debris removed from lawn & beds; 1st cut (ground permitting); and applicable perennial cutback.

 Fall Clean-up

Like Spring clean-ups, the most important thing about the fall cleanup, is to remove as much debris as possible from the lawn before winter.

Includes as needed: Leaves, debris & sticks removed from lawn, beds, & window wells; final cut; light trimming (shrubs that have been properly maintained all season); and applicable perennial cutback.



Sometimes over seeding just isn’t enough. Damage from critters, dogs, insects, etc. require more intense attention. Bare areas lead to increased weeds, insects, and diseases; further damaging your lawn.

Spot seeding includes: preparing the area, a soil base, seed, & cover (straw, penn mulch, or peat moss).