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Our story

About us

Our story

Over 25 years ago it began with a dream; $3,000; 1,000 flyers; used equipment; a ton of motivation and prayers; and one very special customer. My parents built our company completely based on referrals which they attribute first and foremost to that one special customer who spread the word better than any modern day marketing  campaign ever could. Long after she moved out of the area, the referrals continued to pour in due to their strong work ethic and ability to provide quality services at fair prices.

Hi, I’m Tommy and as far back as I can remember, I dreamed of running and growing the family business; continuing to provide value to our customers and build on the solid foundation already in place by incorporating modern technology to better serve our customers and employees.

In 2016, my dream became reality and along with my brother, we took over the business. Since then, he decided to take a different path, so here I am living my dream! I look forward to meeting, getting to know, and servicing all the new customers the future will send our way.

Our mission

Our mission is simple.  To exceed our client’s expectations while enhancing the beauty and value of their property.

Our vision

To build extraordinary relationships based on our core values; with our clients by providing affordable high quality services; with our employees by providing a culture that cultivates a sense of family, community, teamwork, and personal growth; with the communities we serve by taking an active interest in community problems, sponsoring youth activities, and purchasing supplies and materials from local companies.