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Snow Event: Sunday 03-10-2024

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow fell overnight and is expected to continue periodically throughout the day. The Winter Storm Warning has been extended to 10 pm tonight, but it looks like the majority of snow will fall in the early afternoon.

Forecast Impact

The Winter Storm Warning is predicting 4-6 inches, while other sources are calling for between 1-3 inches. Due to the recent warm temperatures over the past couple of weeks, it is unclear how much snow will end up accumulating. Today's temperatures are expected to hover around freezing.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

Dispatch Time:
We anticipate some neighborhoods hitting the 2" trigger later today, though not all areas. We will be routinely monitoring and measuring the accumulation and we are ready to dispatch plows if/when it becomes necessary.

Live updates will appear below.

8:00 am
We just completed a round of measuring and found a lot variability, even in our small service area. Some neighborhoods don't even have a dusting of snow on the driveways, while other neighborhoods have around 1.5 inches. We'll be closely monitoring the areas nearing the 2" trigger.
12:45 pm
Although it has continued to snow, much of the accumulation on pavement has melted. The snow in driveways that had 1.5 inches this morning has now melted to mostly bare pavement. The odds of reaching the 2" trigger have decreased, but we're still monitoring the situation and are ready to dispatch if necessary.