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Snow Event: Saturday 02-17-2024

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected to fall sporadically all day Saturday. The Winter Weather Advisory ends at 4 pm but there appears to be a chance of snow until around 7 pm.

Forecast Impact

Most sources are calling for little to no accumulation, however, this is lake effect snow which can be unpredictable. The Winter Weather Advisory warns of additional accumulation up to 3 inches in northern parts of Cuyahoga County.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

Dispatch Time: 1:30 pm
We do not anticipate accumulation reaching our 2" trigger, but we are consistently measuring and ready to dispatch plows if the trigger is met.

Live updates will appear below.

1:30 pm
Some driveways have hit the 2" trigger (most are still at the 1"-1.5" mark) and plows have been dispatched. Drivers in neighborhoods with 2" have started their routes and all remaining drivers will begin their routes by 3:00 pm. Driveways with less than 1.5" will be skipped to prevent damage to the pavement and our plows.
7:00 pm
All routes are complete.