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Snow Event: Monday 12/18/2023

Watch out for high winds and white-out conditions.

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected to begin Monday late morning/early afternoon and continue into Tuesday morning.

Forecast Impact

Forecasts are calling for 6-10 inches, but with temperatures hovering above freezing until the early hours of Tuesday morning, we're not expecting it all to stick.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

Dispatch Time: 11:15 pm
We are anticipating a plow event for this storm. It's unclear when the snow will begin to stick and start accumulating, but we are ready! We will continue to monitor conditions and post updates below. We have also taken measures to ensure we will not experience the frozen lock issue we ran into during the last plow event. Stay warm & stay safe!

Live updates will appear below.

11:30 pm
Plows have been dispatched and all drivers will begin their routes by 12 am. So far, we're seeing inconsistent levels of snow accumulation, with some neighborhoods still below the 2-inch trigger. Please note, if your driver measures 0.75 inches of snow or less, it will be skipped to prevent damage to your driveway and our plow/vehicle. Weather sources are varying a bit, but it looks like the snow may be about done. Stay tuned for updates!
4:45 am
All routes are complete as of 4:45 am. Areas that were skipped have been re-checked, and were either plowed, or still did not have enough snow to require a plow.