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Snow Event: Tuesday 03/14/23

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected Monday night into Tuesday morning, stopping around 12:30 am. It is expected to pick back up around 6:00 am.

Forecast Impact

The forecast is calling for around 1 inch of snow, but it has not been accurate thus far.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

Dispatch Time: 12:00 am
It is unclear how much snow will fall and accumulate, but we are ready to plow if we hit the 2" trigger! One of our regular drivers is out but we have another driver ready to step in and cover their route if plows are dispatched. While they are an experienced and capable plow driver, please understand they are not as familiar with the route as the regular driver and we may experience some delays.

Live updates will appear below.

11:15 pm
We're measuring 1.25 to 1.75 inches and it's still snowing. We're expecting to dispatch plows at midnight. If your driveway has less than 1.25 inches, it will be skipped.
6:45 am
All routes are complete.