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Snow Maintenance Agreement Highlights
  • Snow Maintenance begins on November 1st and ends on March 31st.
  • We repair any grass damage that we cause from plowing.
  • We provide and install driveway markers
    • We collect them in April ($2.00 charge per marker not returned).
  • Unlimited plow events per season
    • Plows dispatched after 2” new inches of freshly fallen snow has accumulated
    • Up to 2 plows in 24 hours, once before 7 am and once again, if necessary, before 6 pm.
    • Completion time can vary based on timing & severity of snow event
  • Snow event updates found at Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ NEW Storm Center & on twitter @LBMSupdates.
    • You can see in real time when plows are dispatched and more!
  • Multiple ways to Save!

We look forward to working with you this winter!

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