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Snow Event: Thursday-Friday 01/27/2022-01/28/2022

snow forecast


Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected overnight from 9pm tonight to 6pm tomorrow.

Forecast Impact

Total anticipated snow accumulations of 1-1.6″ which should reach us around 6am.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

We are currently not anticipating a 2″ trigger event.  However, we are keeping a close eye on the weather due to lake effect snow and will be out measuring when necessary.  If things change we are prepared to plow and you can find updates here.

Stay tuned for updates & Have a Great Night!

Live updates will appear below if the chance of dispatching increases.

Update Friday 5am: Measurements have been taken, we have approximately 1.5″ of accumulation across our service area.  It is supposed to lightly snow on & off today without accumulation.  As of now, we do not anticipate dispatching today but if things change, we are ready.  Stay warm!

Update Friday 6:30am:  Things changed, we are at 2″ and our vehicles have been dispatched.  Stay warm & Safe!

Update Friday 8am:  One of our jeeps just had a breakdown, the other vehicles will be picking up the route.

Final Update Friday 5:30pm:  Our routes are complete!  It looks like it should be a quite night for snow but as usual, we will keep our eye on things as the night progresses.