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Snow Event: Sunday PM 01/23/2022

snow forecast


Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected for days.  We have advisories & accumulation estimates inside the time windows of advisories & estimates.

Forecast Impact

With the Lake still not frozen and random quick bursts of heavy snow (1″ an hour from some bands), some of you could have a trace to an inch while a mile away, there can be 2-4″.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

We are currently dispatching at 1:00pm.

Update 8:00pm: I apologize for the lack of updates today.  All was going well with anticipated completion before 6:00pm. With the random heavy bands of snow, we became delayed.  We are about an hour from completion.

The snow is supposed to end at 11:00pm.  Since only some of our areas, actually only some streets, have received additional snow accumulation, we will be driving by all our houses overnight to plow the driveways that have received 2 new inches of snow since our visit today.  If you have less than 2″, your driveway will not be plowed.

Update 9:45pm:  Plans have changed.  Since the last burst of random Lake Effect bands that occurred between 7:00-8:00pm, radar is now showing that the lake is taking a break until late tomorrow afternoon.  We have decided to start our routes now and as stated at 8:00pm, if you do not have 2″ of snow on your driveway, you will not be plowed.  If the lake decides to surprise us with more snow, we will continue overnight.

Update 12:00am Monday:  Another snow event complete! 

Enjoy your Evening!

Live updates will appear below.