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Snow Event: Sunday 11/20/2022

Snow Accumulation Chart 11-20-2022

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected from 9pm Saturday – 7pm Sunday.

Forecast Impact

Truly Unknown!  Total anticipated snow accumulations of 1-3″.  However, Lake Effect can increase the amount to 6-12″ with high winds & intense bursts of heavier snow.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

We are currently anticipating a 2″ trigger event.  However, we have no idea when we will reach the 2″ trigger.   We are prepared to plow and you can find updates here.

Stay tuned for updates & Have a Great Night!

Live updates will appear below.

Update 5:30am:  Well that just happened, interesting season opener.  Snow started accumulating quite quickly over the past couple hours.  Our vehicles have been dispatched. 

Due to the timing of the event trigger, we will not be finished by 7am.  

If you are headed out this morning, be careful, very few roads have been plowed.

Update 9:30am:  We had a slight hiccup this morning, a plow broke down.  It’s now fixed but it caused further delays this morning.  We are also finding that the South side of Shaker has not received 2″ so driveways without 2″ may be skipped to prevent unnecessary harm to driveways & lawns.

Update 3pm:  The routes are complete! 

Open your gates!