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Snow Event: Friday AM 01/07/2022

snow forecast

Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected overnight.  The anticipated window of snow is from 2am-2pm.

Forecast Impact

Total anticipated snow accumulations of 1-3″.  After watching this event for over a week, it’s hard to determine how it will end up playing out.  A week ago, we were expecting nearly 8″ but as the week progressed, the amount quickly decreased and based on hourly predictions, we may only receive random flurries with less than 2″ of accumulation.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

We are currently not anticipating a 2″ trigger event.  However, we are keeping a close eye on the weather due to lake effect snow.  If things change, we are prepared to plow and you can find updates here.

Stay tuned for updates & Have a Great Night!

Live updates will appear below if the chance of dispatching our plows increases.

10:00am Update:  Only a small fraction of our plow area (Pepper Pike) has reached 2″ but since we are now experiencing Lake Effect Snow that is expected to continue, we have dispatched our trucks to those areas and anticipate gradually moving our way West towards Shaker Heights as the accumulation increases.

2:15pm Update:  Wow, did that Lake Effect kick into high gear.  We are still out plowing, however, we do have a couple drivers out with the dreaded Covid, so we may be a bit past 6pm tonight. Thanks for understanding.