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Snow Event: Wednesday pm 02/02/2022 – Friday am 02/04/2022

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Event Forecast Timeline

Wednesday 7pm – Friday 7am, starting with freezing rain and turning to snow overnight.

Forecast Impact

This is going to be a long duration event beginning with quickly plummeting temperatures and freezing rain tonight.  Snow will begin overnight and based on multiple forecasts we can expect anywhere from 8-15″ total.  At times we may receive 1″+ an hour.

Most local cities have already instituted a street parking ban beginning at 7pm Wednesday & ending at 7am Friday morning.  All are recommending you stay off the roads for the entire event. If you must go out, please be mindful that under the snow is ice, even if we plowed your driveway.  Plows do not push the ice, only the snow.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

As of this posting, we anticipate our first dispatch Thursday mid-morning.

This storm is bringing significant accumulations beginning during Thursday’s commute times.  Please keep in mind that while we do our best to keep your driveways cleared of as much snow as possible, you could have considerable accumulation on your property between visits from us due to the amount of snow we may receive. Please use caution as surfaces will be slick.

If things change we are prepared to plow and you can find updates here.

Stay tuned for updates & Have a Great Night!

Live updates will appear below.

If I lose power, I won’t be able to update or answer calls.  I may be able to respond to emails or texts as long as I still have cell service. 

Update Thursday 9:00am: Since the snow did not reach 2″ accumulation across our service area until after 7am and taking into consideration the amount of snow we are expect to receive today, we are dispatching our vehicles at 10:30am.

Please take all public warnings into consideration before unnecessarily leaving your house today.  The more drivers on the road causes time & safety issues for city & private snow plow drivers.  Be careful if you have to go out.

Update Thursday 7:00pm:  We finally finished today’s routes and apologize for those completed after 6pm. The snow came down heavy in all areas throughout the day and is continuing into the evening.

We will be back later tonight.    Stay Safe!

Update Friday 12:30 am:  We’re out plowing again!

Update Friday 4am:  Our drivers have been running into many side streets that have not been plowed yet and large drifts due to the high winds.  Both of which make plowing & driving much more time consuming.  The snow has slowed, although there have been some patches of snow throughout the area.  The winds & wind gusts are still 14-22 mph which means drifts will continue to occur.

Update Friday 7:45am:  We’re finished with round 2!  We may receive some light snow today with a trace to an inch of accumulation.  At this time we do not plan on returning for this event.  If anything changes, we will update here.

Have a great day!