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Snow Events 9-10: Thursday 2/18/2021-Saturday 2/20/2021


Event Forecast Timeline

Snow is expected to continue into Saturday morning.

Forecast Impact

Total anticipated snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches.

Landscaping by Mark & Sons’ Response Plan

We are currently out plowing and expect to have our routes completed on time today. An additional inch of snow is expected by 6pm tonight.  Updates will be added below until the snow stops on Saturday morning.

Please open your gates and move your cars.

Stay tuned for updates & Have a Great Day!

Live updates will appear below.

UPDATE: THURSDAY 4:30PM:  Cleaning up areas previously blocked by parked cars and making room for additional snow has delayed us slightly but we are still out plowing.


It appears the next heavier round of snow will occur between 6am-1pm tomorrow, Friday, morning/afternoon.  We will continue to monitor what’s actually happening and dispatch as necessary.

Stay tuned for more updates, we’ll post when we dispatch.

UPDATE SATURDAY 12:00PM:  Well another snow event that proves the only way to know how much snow is accumulating can only be found by looking out the window & driving our service area.  We didn’t receive what we expected since Thursday but we are starting to have some accumulation.  We currently have approximately an inch and we’ll continue to keep tabs on the accumulation as it continues to snow.

UPDATE SATURDAY 2:00PM:  Accumulation across our service area ranges from 1.5-2.5″, our drivers will be dispatched at 3:00PM.  Please open your gates and move your cars.