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Lawn Health Services

Lawn Health Services


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes, loosening the soil. It provides the opportunity for the grass root systems to acquire nutrients, water, and air that are essential for growth. Loose soil allows the root systems to penetrate more deeply into the soil and become stronger and healthier.

We recommend an aeration at least once a year for all lawns, either season. Twice a year for lawns that need improvement or have drainage issues.


Dethatching removes the excess organic debris (dead grass roots, dust, leaves, etc.) that naturally collects on your lawn. These materials settle and compact underneath live grass making it difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to reach starving roots. Removing this debris will reduce watering time and will assist your lawn in absorbing fertilizer and other natural nutrients that are needed for a healthy lawn.

Dethatching should be done when thatch becomes ½ inch thick.


Over-seeding is an important lawn care task because grass isn’t immortal and thick grass is more weed and disease resistant. Over-seeding compensates for the natural slowdown of turf reproduction.

We recommend overseeding every time you have an aeration or dethatching done.

Packages - Savings!
Aeration Package

Includes: Spring & Fall Aeration with Fall Over-Seeding – 15% Discount!!

Recommended for every lawn as a regular yearly maintenance service

Spring Lawn Health Package

Includes: Spring Dethatching, Aeration, & Over-seeding  – 10% Discount!

Recommended for lawns with ½” of thatch.

Love your Lawn Package   * only offered in Spring

Includes: Spring Dethatching, Spring & Fall Aeration, Spring & Fall Over-seeding –20% Discount!!!

Recommended for lawns that are thin, weed filled, and/or have poor drainage