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Landscape Enhancements

Landscape Enhancements

Mulch Installation

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your beds. Mulch provides a protective barrier around your plants and over your bare soil. Mulching also controls weeds, maintains soil nutrients, retains moisture, encourages earthworms to move in, prevents soil erosion, and best of all – Mulch Looks Great!

We offer a variety of materials to fit your needs, these are the most common.

Leaf Humus


Leaf material that has been composted and screened. It is dark brown to black in color & very rich in nutrients.

Sweet Peet®

100% organic product made from composted ingredients harvested from local farming operations, fortified with farm manure.

Double Shredded Brown Mulch

Natural double shredded screened mulch, dark brown in color, contains hardwood & leaf.

Black Mulch

Dyed double shredded mulch. It fades.

Shrub, Tree, & Flower Installation

Whether you want to replace a shrub or tree or just spruce up your yard with some colorful flowers (annuals or perennials), we’ve got you covered.

Flowers installed mid-May after frost threat ends.

Bed Renovation

Just like the interior of your home needs consistent updates and repairs to protect your investment, your living investment outside needs consistent enhancing & upgrading as well.

Reasons to Renovate Your Flower Beds

  • Plants outgrew their surroundings
  • Your plants aren’t thriving due to lack of previous care
  • A former sunny area is now shaded by the growth of a nearby tree
  • You may not particularly like a shrub or two
  • Shrubs have completed their life-cycle 
  • You want a whole new look
  • You need a quick spruce up for curb appeal

We can help. We work on both small and large projects. From your designs or ours, we will provide quality workmanship while we install the highest quality plants and materials available.

Lawn Renovation

When over-seeding and spot seeding aren’t producing the results you’re looking for, let’s discuss additional options for renovating your lawn.

Paver Patios & Walkways

Spruce up your outdoor spaces by incorporating concrete pavers.  With a wide variety of colors & shapes, you can have a unique space that flows beautifully with your home to use for entertaining, relaxing, & enjoying.