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Traditional Lawn Care

We offer a strategic 6-Application Program to provide the best foundation for a healthy and thriving lawn.

Our program consists of granular as well as chemical sprays to optimize the health of your lawn. Granular fertilizer is applied to stimulate and maintain growth. Broadleaf sprays control the common weeds we have in the area. Our insecticide will assist to manage common insects (white grubs, sod webworm and bill bugs).

Our 6- Application Fertilization Program

Application 1: Granular Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Assists with developing healthy roots, keeping your lawn thick and green and is the first step to control broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. (applied after March 15)

Application 2: Granular Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Weed Control Plus Spot Spray Weed Control
This application further controls broadleaf weeds that arise in June and July. We spot spray any weeds that may be present to further control and maintain a healthy lawn. (applied mid to late April)

Application 3: Granular Fertilizer Plus Complete Broadleaf Spray
A post emergent used to treat and kill broadleaf weeds on contact (applied late May through June)

Application 4: Granular Fertilizer Plus Insecticide Plus Spot Spray Weeds
This application will greatly control grubs and turf damaging insects. Treatment is blended with a granular fertilizer to maintain growth and keep your lawn green. We also spot spray for any weeds that are present. (applied June through July) **Must be watered in to be effective**

Application 5: Fall Fertilizer Plus Spot Spray Weeds
This application assists in maintaining root structure and relieves stress caused by summer weather. We spot spray any weeds present to maintain optimal health. (applied mid to late September)

Application 6: Winterizer
Promotes an early spring green- up, protects the lawn against winter kill and snow mold. (applied late October to early November)