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How to Accept Quotes

It’s been brought to my attention that people are having issues with their quote acceptance actually processing.  The acceptance process is kinda clunky (I’m told a new process & portal is being designed??).  I put together a quick video showing the process for Snow Maintenance Agreements.  It’s my first video, please forgive me, it’s not so smooth, nor does it have verbal instruction.   Follow the giant yellow cursor.

Brief instructions:

  • Click “view my proposal” in the email you received.
  • Read Everything!
  • Scroll to the Payment Options, if you read everything, you’ll end up there
  • Select your payment option by clicking the box to the left of the option
  • Click the lavender button that says “click here to sign estimate”
  • A pop up signature block will appear.
  • Try to digitally sign your name, (I was using a mouse and it was impossible).  Don’t worry about it being legible. Click save (lower right)
  • Click on the Printed Name box and type your name
  • Click the red button that says “Accept Proposal”
  • Be patient, sometimes it can take awhile to process
  • Once Processed, you will see this:
  • You will also receive an email that tells you that your Agreement has been received.

If you have any additional questions, please call me at (440) 442-9725, I’m happy to help.

How to Accept Snow Maintenance Quote Video

To enlarge the video, click on the frame icon on the bottom right of video between the speaker icon & ellipsis, click it again to shrink it.